Cochrane Sexual and Reproductive Health

About us

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Thematic Group is a single point of contact for clinicians, consumers, researchers, current and potential authors, and the planned Evidence Synthesis Units (ESUs). It will also provide advice on proposals for suggested Cochrane library content, ensuring these suggested topics align with clinical, funders’ and review users’ needs. The Cochrane Review groups that will form this Thematic Group – Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility (CGF), Cochrane Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), Cochrane Fertility Regulation (CFR), Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancers (GNOC) (gynaecological cancers only) and Cochrane Incontinence (CI) (female topics only) – have a long history of collaboration. They are comprised of highly skilled and knowledgeable members who will strive to ensure that the Cochrane principles of collaboration, relevance, integrity, and quality are upheld.


Cindy Farquhar

Cindy Farquhar - Group Chair, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Vanessa Jordan Vanessa Jordan - Group Coordinator, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Cochrane Sexual and Reproductive Health  Madelon van Wely
Alison Edelman Alison Edelman - Oregon Health & Science University, USA.
Jo Morrison Jo Morrison - Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.
Cochrane Sexual and Reproductive Health  Luke Vale

Our Plans

Broadly, our goal is to establish an effective network of clinicians, consumers, methodologists, and researchers in women’s sexual and reproductive health, to support evidence synthesis and knowledge translation activities in Cochrane.

Our immediate objectives are to:

  • Produce a list of existing identified priority reviews in our area
  • Compile a list of active members of the Thematic Group and their areas of expertise and work with the Central Editorial Service to ensure that the expertise of these members is available to the service
  • Create a list of active members who would be interested in co-authorship with the ESUs and their areas of expertise
  • Create an interested subgroup within the Thematic Group of those with expertise in dissemination to produce a coordinated effort for dissemination activities and identify key pathways of dissemination
  • Establish communication channels with the Evidence Synthesis Unit (ESUs) when they are established
  • Liaise with the Cochrane Consumer Network and create a list of patient groups with current relationships to Cochrane groups that now comprise the Thematic Group to ensure these relationships continue to be fostered
  • Promote and hold meetings for the Sexual and Reproductive Health group at conferences
  • Provide training sessions on different types of reviews (e.g. rapid reviews, scoping reviews, intervention reviews, prospective meta-analysis) for medical doctors and researchers


News about Cochrane Sexual and Reproductive Health is coming soon.

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