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  • Feature Review: Music interventions for improving psychological and physical outcomes in cancer patients
    Are there benefits of offering music interventions as a complementary treatment to people with cancer?Cancer may result in extensive emotional, physical, and social suffering. Current cancer care increasingly incorporates psychosocial interventions to improve quality of life. Music therapy and music medicine interventions have been used to...
    15 August 2016
  • Featured Review: Sun protection to prevent basal cell carcinoma and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the skin
    One randomized trial has been done to date that compares different ways of using sunscreen and physical barrier methods to protect against common non-melanoma skin cancers. The quality of evidence to date is low, but the review team urge caution in changing behaviour on the basis of the review findings.

    Keratinocyte cancer is a more...
    12 August 2016
  • Feature Review: Xylitol sugar supplement for preventing middle ear infection in children
    Chewing gum, lozenges, or syrup with xylitol can reduce the occurrence of middle ear infection among healthy children from 30% to 22%.Acute otitis media (AOM) is the most common bacterial infection among young children in the United States. AOM creates a thick of sticky fluid behind the eardrum in the middle ear with a rapid onset of ear pain,...
    10 August 2016
  • Cochrane Evidence for Athletes
    We have rounded up Cochrane evidence to help support athletes seeking to win a gold medal …and for everyone that is inspired to get active!Cryotherapy: does it work and is it safe?Injection treatments for Achilles tendinopathyKnee orthoses for patellofemoral pain syndromeRubefacients for musculoskeletal painStretching -does it reduce muscle...
    8 August 2016
  • Why publish a systematic review in Cochrane?
    Study offers insight on factors influencing choice of publication in Cochrane and non-Cochrane sources.

    New evidence published in BioMed Central’s Systematic Reviews provides some insights into authors’ experiences preparing and publishing systematic reviews, as well as factors that influence choice of publication arena, specifically...
    4 August 2016
  • Tianjing Li and Julian Higgins recognized for their important contributions.
    Tianjing Li and Julian Higgins recognized for their important contributions. The Society for Research Synthesis Methodology supports and promotes the development and use of innovative and robust methods of research synthesis. At their 2016 Annual Meeting, held in Florence, Italy from 11-13 July, the Society recognized the important contributions...
    27 July 2016
  • Suite of Cochrane Reviews on chronic rhinosinusitis
    Authors working with the Cochrane ENT Group recently published six reviews which look at the evidence around different treatment options for chronic rhinosinusitis.Chronic rhinosinusitis is a common condition that is defined as inflammation of the nose and paranasal sinuses (a group of air-filled spaces behind the nose, eyes, and cheeks). Patients...
    26 July 2016
  • A round-up of selected recent media coverage citing, discussing, and presenting health evidence
    A round-up of selected recent media coverage citing, discussing, and presenting health evidence - updated throughout the month

    "When and how to update systematic reviews: consensus and checklist": BMJ paper from a team of Cochrane-affiliated contributors outlines issues relevant to making decisions about updating reviews, and...
    21 July 2016
  • Cochrane evidence provides insight for pregnant women
    A recent article in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin on the BMJ states that other than folic acid and vitamin D, there is limited evidence of the benefits of the often expensive prenatal multivitamins. This story has been picked up by many media outlets including BBC News, CBC News, and The Japan Times.  The conclusions are in line with what...
    13 July 2016
  • Cochrane evidence indicates that only 10% of people with tension-type headaches experience benefit from taking oral paracetamolTension-type headache affects about one person in five worldwide. People with frequent, or acute episodic, tension-type headache have between two and 14 headaches every month. Tension-type headache stops people...
    4 July 2016


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