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William (Bill) Silverman (1924-2004) was one of the founders of American neonatal medicine. He was honoured repeatedly as one of the pioneers in his specialty; however, he often evoked somewhat mixed responses amongst his colleagues because he was in the habit of raising troubling questions about...
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The Monitoring and Registration Committee (MaRC), previously known as the Monitoring and Registration Group, held its most  recent meeting in Helsinki in June. We attended at the invitation  of Jos Verbeek, a Field representative on the MaRC and  Convenor of the Occupational Health...
Cochrane Canada has doubled the number of Canadian authors to over 1,300 in the past fi ve years. In  addition to registered Cochrane entities, Cochrane Canada has established a network of 18 regional  sites whose functions include promoting The Collaboration and co-ordinating training...
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On behalf of the Collaboration, the Steering Group is delighted to welcome the recently registered  French Cochrane Centre, situated in the heart of Paris. The overall mission of the Centre (Centre  Cochrane Français) will be to foster evidence-based healthcare decision-making by...
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Julian Higgins, Methods Group representative on The Cochrane Collaboration’s Steering Group and Senior Statistician at the  MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge, UK, has been awarded the Campbell Collaboration’s Frederick Mosteller Award for Distinctive Contributions to Systematic Reviewing....

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