Voting open for Cochrane Governing Board elections

 Entire Cochrane membership welcomed to vote

 Entire Cochrane membership invited to vote

Voting is  open for  2016/2017 election for four (4) internal members of the Cochrane Board.  Anyone with an active role with a Cochrane Group is invited to participate in the election, allowing many members to vote for the first time (see our Board Policy and Electoral Procedure for details). Eligible voters can now access detailed information about the candidates and submit their vote using the voting form. Voting closes on Wednesday, 25 January 2017.

To access the voting form, you will need to use your Cochrane login (the same as your Archie or RevMan login). If you are an eligible voter but do not yet have a login and password, go to the voting form, click the login button, and follow the link to create a new account. Use the name and email address usually used in your communications with Cochrane to ensure your access is granted. If you have any trouble logging in or are not sure if you are eligible to vote, please contact

Tuesday, January 10, 2017