Cochrane Innovations

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Cochrane Innovations develops business opportunities on behalf of Cochrane. Working within Cochrane's principles, mission, and strategic goals, we  create products and services that support evidence-informed decision making for healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers, and consumers of care.

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Our remit is to support Cochrane's goal to implement an Open Access publishing model for Cochrane Reviews. We do this by developing new product and project ideas which can generate revenue to support Cochrane's work. We work on a commercial basis, with all profits returned to Cochrane to support its financial sustainability and continued focus on Cochrane Reviews.

You can read more about how we work and our plans for the future in our Strategy.

Who is Cochrane Innovations for?
We create products for researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and patients - the healthcare community - focused on unlocking the evidence and making it more accessible, useable, relevant, and actionable. We work closely with users of health evidence to develop products which support knowledge creation and knowledge translation for everyone.


Current research
Cochrane Innovations is investigating:

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We are a small team, working with Cochrane contributors around the world to harness and cultivate the innovation and creativity that flourishes across our collaboration. The team is Charlotte Pestridge, CEO; and Roger Tritton, Senior Product Development Manager. The team works closely with the Board of Directors - Lorne Becker, Martin Burton, Uchenna Izundu, Karen New (Chair), Mark Pelletier, Stephen Smith, and Mark Wilson.

Cochrane Innovations is a trading subsidiary of Cochrane. Cochrane Innovations Limited is a trading company registered in the UK and wholly-owned by The Cochrane Collaboration.

We are always looking out for new ideas! If you have suggestions or are interested in contributing to our projects, please contact us at