Interventions to increase attendance for diabetic retinopathy screening

The primary objective of the review is to assess the effectiveness of intervention components that seek to increase attendance for diabetic retinopathy screening in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Secondary objectives:

  • To use validated taxonomies of QI intervention strategies and behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to code the description of interventions in the included studies and determine whether interventions that include particular QI strategies or component BCTs are more effective in increasing screening attendance;
  • To explore heterogeneity in effect size within and between studies to identify potential explanatory factors for variability in effect size;
  • To explore differential effects in subgroups to provide information on how equity of screening attendance could be improved;
  • To critically appraise and summarise current evidence on the resource use, costs and cost-effectiveness.

This is a protocol.

Health topics: