Exercise interventions and patient beliefs for people with chronic hip and knee pain: a mixed methods review

Overarching objective

To improve our understanding of the complex inter-relationship between pain, psychosocial effects, physical function and exercise.

Specific aims and objectives:

To systematically review the evidence on the impact of physical exercise on patients' pain, physical and psychosocial functioning including:

  • identifying the most effective formats for delivering exercise advice;
  • explaining why some exercise interventions may be more effective than others;
  • recommending exercise formats and content by constructing a "toolbox" which describes the most effective exercise interventions for healthcare providers and patients to use.

These will be achieved by conducting:

  1. a synthesis of quantitative data on the benefits and harm of exercise interventions for improving pain, physical and psychosocial functioning;
  2. a synthesis of qualitative data on participant's experiences, opinions and preferences of physical exercise;
  3. a cross-studies synthesis of the quantitative and qualitative data to assess the extent to which existing evaluated interventions address the needs and concerns of people living with osteoarthritis

This is a protocol.