• Featured Review: Vaccines for preventing herpes zoster in older adults
    Vaccine helps prevent shingles in older adults for at least three years The varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox and can remain dormant inside nerve cells. After many years, it can reactivate and travel through the nerve to the skin, causing itching, numbness, tingling or local pain, and then blisters along the nerve path. These blisters are...
    21 Марта 2016
  • An updated Cochrane Review, published today in the Cochrane Library, says that the benefits of a variety of interventions intended to reduce sitting at work are very uncertain.Millions of people worldwide sit at a desk all day, and over recent years this has led to increased levels of physical inactivity in the work place. Health experts have...
    17 Марта 2016
  • Cochrane Musculoskeletal establishes a Satellite Group in Denmark
    The University of Southern Denmark, working in close collaboration with the Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, The Parker Institute, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, has established a new Cochrane Musculoskeletal satellite which will gather, evaluate, and distribute reviews on the effects of intervention and preventions strategies for people...
    15 Марта 2016
  • Cochrane and the GRADE Working Group sign a Memorandum of Understanding
    Cochrane and the GRADE Working Group (GRADE) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their existing partnership.This MoU helps both Cochrane and GRADE to meet their strategic plans and work towards the production of high-quality evidence and its use in policy and practice.A number of joint activities have already been...
    12 Марта 2016
  • Topical treatments for psoriasis of the scalp
     Topical treatments for psoriasis of the scalpWhat are the most effective and safest treatments?                                                                                                           People with chronic plaque psoriasis often have itching with reddish, scaly lesions that are visible and are often embarrassing. Creams, gels, and...
    4 Марта 2016
  • Thomson Reuters cites multiple Cochrane contributors among the 'best and brightest scientific minds' of 2015.
    A number of Cochrane contributors have been named to Thomson Reuters' recently published "World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2015" list. The list comprises 3,000 highly cited researchers, considered to be among the 'most influential scientific minds of our time'. Most of the listed Cochrane contributors appear in the section entitled '...
    2 Марта 2016
  • For more than 20 years, Cochrane has produced systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy. We are internationally recognized as the highest standard in evidence-based healthcare resources.

    This video is the story of how a team of Cochrane researchers in Canada are helping to change practice in the...
    2 Марта 2016
  • Cochrane and the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), a research and development centre within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, are delighted to announce their official partnership aimed at improving the knowledge base for making decisions in health care and global health policy.The two international not-for...
    1 Марта 2016
  • Round up
     This is a round up of news and translation items for the review 'Interventions to improve antibiotic prescribing practices for hospital inpatients'. You can view the full layout or click on the indivudal items below to get to the full text of the item.Round-up of news and translation work 
    21 Февраля 2016
  • Featured Review: Water precautions for prevention of infection in children with ventilation tubes (grommets)
    Does keeping ears dry after getting ventilation tubes help prevent problems such as infections? Ventilation tubes are used to treat hearing loss due to glue ear, or to treat recurrent ear infections. Most surgeons agree that children's ears should be kept dry for a few weeks after the operation, but not all agree on whether ears need to be kept...
    19 Февраля 2016


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