Contribution types and membership points

There are many different ways to contribute to Cochrane and earn membership. Every 1,000 points gained over 12 months earns you one year's membership. If you have contributed to Cochrane in a way not represented here, please let us know.

I have volunteered for Cochrane - add my contribution

Contributor Task Points per task
Author or co-author Publish a Cochrane protocol 3000
  Publish a Cochrane review or review update 5000
  Contribute to the Cochrane Handbook 5000
  Edit Cochrane Handbook 5000
Centres and Fields Support development of Cochrane Centre or Field 500
  Contribute to funding applications 500
  Develop partnerships (e.g. IAPO International Association of Patient Organisations) 500
Consumer Consumer peer review of a Cochrane review or protocol 500
  Identify priority reviews 500
  Identify important patient outcomes 500
  Develop decision aids 500
  Promotional activity (presentation, poster, social media, newsletter, other resources to promote Cochrane’s work) 500
  Blog post promoting Cochrane 500
  Attend Cochrane events (colloquium) 500
  Volunteer at Cochrane events (colloquium) 200 points per day
  Mentor other consumers 1000
  Recruit consumers to Cochrane 500
Crowd volunteer Screening 1 point per study record screened
Peer reviewer Peer review of a Cochrane protocol or review, including searching and statistical methods 500
Student Complete an internship (e.g. Cochrane International Mobility Programme) 1000
TaskExchange volunteer Any task completed via TaskExchange e.g. data extraction 200
Trainer Co-ordinate workshops, seminars, presentations 500
  Train consumers and others (e.g. CASP Critical Assessment Skills Programme) 500
Translator Full-text screening 100
  Data extraction 200
  Memsource translation 1 point per 2 words translated
Cochrane Oral Health
Cochrane-Wikipedia Oral Health project training 500
  Over 15,000 characters added to Oral Health Wikipedia articles (Intermediate or Advanced editor status) 500