Establishment of a new Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group

Establishment of a new Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group

Cochrane is delighted to announce the establishment of a new Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group based in Oregon.

The Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group was originally registered in 1997 but was led by Frans and Anja Helmerhorst until their recent retirement in 2016. Since then the Group has been under the care of Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility. The new group will join the family of 52 Cochrane Review Groups, each of whom is responsible for supporting the preparation and maintenance of systematic reviews in a specific area of health research. The Group will produce systematic reviews on interventions in fertility regulation.

Professor Jeanne-Marie Guise has been appointed as the Group’s new Coordinating Editor. Professor Guise commented: “I am delighted to be appointed to the role of Coordinating Editor of the Fertility Regulation Group. I look forward to working with health researchers, practitioners and Cochrane authors in making a contribution to producing evidence in gynaecology and fertility.”

Cochrane’s Editor in Chief, David Tovey, also welcomed the news: “We are proud to officially welcome new leadership for the Fertility Regulation Group in Jeanne-Marie Guise. The Group’s scope fits perfectly with Cochrane’s mission of promoting evidence-based medicine for health decision-making across the world.”

Friday, January 26, 2018