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  • VII Croatian Congress of PRM
    The 7th national congress of Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM), Croatian Medical Association (CSPRM) was been held in Šibenik, Croatia, 19-22 April 2018. Two round tables - about Quality management in PRM and Cochrane Rehabilitation initiative were held.During the meeting a Memorandum of Understanding between Cochrane...
    2 May 2018
  • World Asthma Day
    World Asthma Day on 1 May  is an annual event on organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world.Cochrane Airways works with authors (typically clinicians and researchers) to produce systematic reviews on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis and other lung diseases...
    1 May 2018
  • Cochrane’s Future Publishing and Open Access Arrangements
    Today Cochrane announces important decisions on its future publishing and open access arrangements, part of its commitment of making Cochrane evidence freely and openly accessible to everyone all over the world.Cochrane has agreed improved terms and a two-year extension of its existing publishing agreement with John Wiley & Sons, Limited,...
    30 April 2018
  • New Cochrane-wide peer review policy
    On Monday 16th April Cochrane published the first Cochrane-wide peer review policy.  In addition to standardising current practice across all of Cochrane’s 53 Review Groups, the introduction of the new policy aims to improve transparency in communication and decision making, consistent with core Cochrane principles, and taking the opportunity to...
    26 April 2018
  • Opportunity for some keen tweeters to come to the Cochrane Colloquium 2018
    Announcing a great opportunity for some keen tweeters to come to the Cochrane Colloquium 2018 (with free registration, accommodation and a travel bursary) as part of the #BeyondTheRoom team.We’re really excited about this. Not ‘excited’ as in “we know we need to appear enthusiastic about this and this is an easy word to reach for” kind of excited...
    25 April 2018
  • Featured Review: Uterotonic agents for preventing postpartum haemorrhage
    New evidence on the best drugs to prevent postpartum haemorrhage point away from Oxytocin – the standard drug currently used to prevent this condition.Bleeding after birth is the most common reason why mothers die in childbirth worldwide.Includes data from 88,000 women across 140 trials.The review found that ergometrine plus oxytocin, misoprostol...
    25 April 2018
  • Stipend applications closing  7 May 2018
    Stipend applications closing Monday 7 May 2018A number of stipends and bursaries are available to help consumers and other attendees based in developing countries to attend Cochrane Colloquium Edinburgh 2018.The stipends (funding you can apply for, if eligible) are to help cover registration, travel, accommodation, and other expenses associated...
    24 April 2018
  • Featured Review: First-line drugs for hypertension
    Thiazides best first choice for hypertensionHigh blood pressure or hypertension can increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. One of the most important decisions in treating people with elevated blood pressure is what drug class to use first. This decision has important consequences in terms of health outcomes and cost.The Cochrane...
    23 April 2018
  • Cochrane Marches for Science
    The March for Science is a celebration of passion for science and the many ways science serves our global communities.Cochrane officially supports and is in partnership with the March for Science. The March is organized in Washington, DC, with satellite marches in cities around the world, to champion the science that upholds the common good.For...
    20 April 2018
  • Feature Review: Vertebroplasty for treating spinal fractures due to osteoporosis
    High quality evidence shows that vertebroplasty does not provide more clinically important benefits than placebo but may cause people harm.
    Osteoporosis is characterised by thin, fragile bones and may result in minimal trauma fractures of the spine bones (vertebrae). They can cause severe pain and disability. Vertebroplasty involves injecting...
    18 April 2018


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