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  • White Cochrane logo on purple background, below which says #MyCochraneStory
    Cochrane's strength is in its collaborative, global community.  Our 100,000+ members and supporters from more than 130 countries work together to produce credible, accessible health information and help inform health decision making. Though we are spread out across the globe, our shared passion for health evidence unites us.  We want to come...
    21 prosinca 2020
  • People working around a desk
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cochrane Germany wanted to build partnerships to share the best available evidence with as many people as possible, and make the findings from Cochrane systematic reviews accessible to German-speaking audiences. Cochrane achieved their goals in several ways.  They highlighted evidence and resources on their website...
    18 prosinca 2020
  • 2021-2030 was recently formally declared as the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing at the UN General Assembly. The Decade of Healthy Ageing aims to bring together governments, civil society, international agencies, professionals, academia, the media, and the private sector to jointly take action in order to improve the lives of older people, their...
    17 prosinca 2020
  • Read this recently published Cochrane review about CFTR correctors, a therapy for cystic fibrosis targeted at specific variants (most commonly F508del) In this review, the authors looked at drugs (or drug combinations) for correcting the basic defect in the most common cystic fibrosis (CF)-causing gene variant (F508del) and assessed their impact...
    17 prosinca 2020
  • podcast
    Behind The Numbers is a podcast aimed at disseminating research, news, & educational resources pertaining to Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Led by Gabriele Zitikyte, MSc Epidemiology student and executive member of the Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CSEB)-uOttawa chapter, the podcasts  feature interviews and discussions...
    14 prosinca 2020
  • silver, purple, and gold badges that say Cochrane Supporter, Cochrane Member, and Cochrane Member, respectively
    The Membership team in Cochrane's People Services Department are delighted to announce a new version of our Join Cochrane pages that lay out all the varied ways people can get involved with Cochrane’s work. At the heart of the new content are: Clear benefits of Cochrane Membership New involvement pathways for patients and carers and for students...
    14 prosinca 2020
  •  Iain Crossingham, Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician.
    In this short interview, author Iain Crossingham, Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician, tells us more about this review and the treatment of airways diseases.
    Tell us about this Cochrane Review
    This is an interesting time for the treatment of airways diseases. Traditionally we've thought of these as coming under two main...
    14 prosinca 2020
  • Image of a computer screen with the COVID Recommendations Map on it
    Today, the COVID-19 Recommendations Map launches, offering policymakers, healthcare practitioners, researchers and the general public - anywhere in the world - a comprehensive catalogue of critically appraised evidence. This global collaborative effort from Cochrane Canada, McMaster University’s WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases and...
    14 prosinca 2020
  • Hand together in collaboration
    Members of the public, health professionals and researchers know that there is ‘information overload’ about the COVID-19 pandemic, with lots of mistrust and misinformation. Cochrane US wanted to help people find trustworthy evidence about COVID-19 in the US by leveraging the strengths of the members of the new US Network.

    Cochrane US...
    11 prosinca 2020
  • Newsletters
    Research about COVID-19 is growing fast during the pandemic. Healthcare professionals, journalists, policy-makers and people with an interest wanted simple summaries of the latest evidence in Portuguese to help inform their decisions. To meet this need, Cochrane Portugal produced regular newsletters in the Portuguese language. They included short...
    10 prosinca 2020
  • Connected dots
    Published on the Cochrane Library is a new editorial, 'COVID‐19: working together and making a difference for decision‐makers'. The editorial outlines Cochrane's agile response to the situation and the many lessons learned. It also introduces the special supplement to the 'Collaborating in response to COVID‐19: editorial and methods initiatives...
    10 prosinca 2020
  • Interventions to reduce tobacco use in people experiencing homelessness Background
    People experiencing homelessness are more likely to use tobacco, and face many problems that make it difficult for them to quit. Health problems caused by using tobacco are among the leading causes of death among this group of people, so there is a need to find...
    10 prosinca 2020
  • a physician in a white coat points to the replacement joint in a model knee
    New Cochrane Systematic Review shows that knee replacement surgery using a tourniquet increases the risk of serious complications, and causes additional pain after surgery What are the benefits and risks of using a tourniquet in knee replacement surgery?
    Senior author Mr Peter Wall, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Warwick Clinical Trials...
    9 prosinca 2020
  • ER sign
    Interventions to increase patient and family involvement in escalation of care for acute life‐threatening illness in community health and hospital settings Medical emergencies
    A life‐threatening condition is a medical emergency. The faster a person secures the right medical care, the better their chances of surviving. When patients and their...
    9 prosinca 2020
  • Carrying a Cochrane Tote Bag
    The Cochrane community is embracing their geek chic and love for evidence-based healthcare with Cochrane merch! For our initial designs,  we worked with Dr. Lauren Callender from Science Scribbles. We talked to Lauren about her background, the growing 'geek chic' trend, and what it was like working on these new designs for the Cochrane Community...
    9 prosinca 2020
  • Person wearing a mask
    Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, primary care doctors (general practitioners) and nurses had many questions. Cochrane Belgium wanted to create clear answers to primary care clinicians’ most frequent questions about COVID-19, based on scientific evidence, making the answers relevant to Belgium.   A university collected questions that were relevant...
    4 prosinca 2020
  • Interlocking talking bubbles with colored puzzle pieces in them
    In this short interview, Postdoctoral Researcher and lead author Tessa Reardon tells us about this recently published review.  What does this Cochrane review tell us about the role of cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents? Our review shows the key role cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) plays in the...
    3 prosinca 2020
  • Emory medical students visually explain Cochrane COVID-19 evidence
    When residency education was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emory University School of Medicine capitalized on student enthusiasm and availability to create COVID-19 education materials. Working closely with Cochrane, they are now summarizing top priority COVID-19 rapid reviews in visual form. The project, known as the “COVID-19 Visual...
    2 prosinca 2020
  • Global Evidence Summit (GES 2) – Postponed until 2 – 6 October 2023
    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    It is with the deepest disappointment that we must confirm that as a result of the continued global spread and impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have taken the decision to cancel the Global Evidence Summit (GES 2), due to be hosted in Prague between 5-8 October 2021.

    The Global Organizing...
    26 November 2020
  • 4 older people, two women and two men, are walking on a trail in the forest
    Special Collection: Physical activity for healthy ageing On 26th November 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched their guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. This Special Collection curated by the Cochrane Campbell Global Ageing Partnership includes associated relevant topics addressing healthy ageing, aligning with...
    26 November 2020


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