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  • Addressing the gap in knowledge on chronic pain in childhood
    Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care  (PaPaS)  group addresses the gap in knowledge on chronic  pain in childhood and helps push solutions forward.On July 12th at the Wellcome Trust in London, UK,  world-leading experts came together to look at evidence, policy and practice in the area of childhood pain.Clinicians, researchers, funders...
    2 kolovoza 2018
  • Work begins to establish a new Cochrane Network across the US
    Cochrane is pleased to announce plans to establish a new, open and collaborative Network within the US.An internal review of Cochrane’s structures carried out in 2016 highlighted that a single Center approach for a country the size of the US has many limitations, and that a Network of multiple groups based across the country is a better model to...
    2 kolovoza 2018
  • Specifications: Maximum of 0.2 FTE
    Salary: Competitive
    Location: Flexible
    Contract: 2 years
    Application Closing Date: 15 August 2018Context
    In 2017 Cochrane created eight new Networks of Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) responsible for the efficient and timely production of high quality systematic reviews that address the...
    1 kolovoza 2018
  • On the road: farewelling Elaine Beller
    After 20 years of stellar contributions to Cochrane, Elaine Beller is shifting her keen focus from biostatistics to bushwalking, and embracing semi-retirement. Last week we caught up with Elaine on the road from outback Birdsville – a leisurely 27 hour drive from her home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Though never one to seek the limelight, she...
    1 kolovoza 2018
  • Featured Review: Multifactorial and multiple component interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community
    "It is crucial that people have an understanding of what interventions work in what populations so as to make correct clinical and policy practice related decisions.” An international team, supported by  Cochrane Bone, Joint & Muscle Trauma, assessed whether fall-prevention strategies that target two or more risk factors for falls are...
    1 kolovoza 2018
  • Leading Institutions Sign On to International Platform Which Aims to Accelerate Medical Research
    Leading institutions, including Cochrane, sign on to international platform which aims to accelerate medical researchThe nonprofit organization Vivli launched a novel data-sharing and analytics platform to help researchers move faster toward new treatments and cures. This innovative platform makes it easy for researchers worldwide to discover,...
    1 kolovoza 2018
  • Stay connected! Sign up for the Cochrane newsletter.
    Cochrane Connect brings you a monthly dose of news, events, and noteworthy Cochrane Reviews - right to your inbox.Get the latest Cochrane news with our monthly newsletter, Cochrane Connect. It rounds up the month's most important Cochrane Reviews and biggest news stories, so you can stay up to date with the latest Cochrane information.  Each...
    30 srpnja 2018
  • The Recommended Dose podcast
    Episode 11 - Dr Norman SwanA familiar voice to millions, Dr Norman Swan is one of the English-speaking world's best known health reporters. This week he’s on the other side of the microphone. Norman joins host Ray Moynihan to talk frankly about medicine and the media. He shares some of the joys and challenges of his work inside and outside of the...
    27 srpnja 2018
  • Bringing you Cochrane health evidence in 14 different languages
    Bringing you Cochrane evidence in 14 different languages
    Making Cochrane evidence accessible to non-English speakers is a priority for us. More than 5,000 translations of Cochrane Review plain language summaries/abstracts were published in 2017. Translation activities are led by local Cochrane groups and their translator communities,...
    27 srpnja 2018
  • Featured Review: music threapy for people with dementia
    Music-based therapeutic intervention probably reduces depressive symptoms and improves overall behavioural problems.This review team from the Netherlands set out to see if they could find evidence that therapy based on music improves the emotional well-being and quality of life of people with dementia. They were also interested in evidence about...
    26 srpnja 2018


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