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  • A message of thanks from Dr. Gabriel Rada and the Local Organizing Committee
    An unprecedented situation of civil unrest across Santiago has led to the cancellation of Cochrane's annual flagship event, this year’s 26th Colloquium. Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Co-Director of Cochrane Chile, Gabriel Rada, expresses his thanks for everyone’s support this week.Dear friends,At this very instant, as chair of the...
    22 octubre 2019
  • Please read for imporant information to those in transit or already in Santiago.
    Dear Colloquium delegates,*******Cochrane Santiago Colloquium cancelled - Latest Update: Friday 25 - 15:00
    There is 11pm to 4am curfew this evening in SantiagoUpdate: Thursday 24 - 15:00 - 20:00
    There is a 10pm to 5am curfew this evening in Santiago
    Delegates returning home have reported that many shops and restaurants at the...
    22 octubre 2019
  • What are the effects of fluoxetine treatment in overweight or obese adults?
    Fluoxetine is a medicine used for the treatment of depression, which reduces appetite as a side effect. Therefore, it is suspected that fluoxetine could be used as a treatment for overweight or obese people. In this group of people administration of fluoxetine means an off-label treatment which means it is not licensed for treating obesity.The...
    21 octubre 2019
  • Podcast: Screening for malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer)
    Malignant melanoma, which can be fatal, is increasingly common and there is debate about whether it should join the list of cancers that are screened for. A new Cochrane Review from June 2019 looks at the current evidence and we asked one of the authors, Minna Johansson from Cochrane Sweden, to tell us what they found.In thinking about screening...
    21 octubre 2019
  • REWARD prize 1st: Prof Shaun Treweek
    We are pleased to announce the winners – one first place and two runners-up – of this year’s Cochrane-REWARD Prize. The Cochrane-REWARD Prize recognizes successful local or pilot initiatives that have potential to reduce research waste globally if scaled up. Cochrane has funded the prize annually since it began in 2017.The prize ceremony took...
    18 octubre 2019
  • Practical details for the Colloquium
    We are looking forward to seeing you at the Colloquium in a few days! Here is some practical information to make your arrival easier.If you are registered for the Colloquium, you should have received the Colloquium Joining Instructions email last week, and another copy is coming.

    For information about transportation from the airport,...
    16 octubre 2019
  • Featured Review
    Delayed cord clamping improves health of babies born too early: updated Cochrane Review
    This updated Cochrane systematic review  finds that delayed, rather than early, cord clamping may reduce the risk of death before discharge for babies born preterm.The authors set out to determine if delayed cord clamping or umbilical cord milking improves...
    11 octubre 2019
  • We asked the lead author, Sophie Goudet, to tell us about the need for it
    Cochrane Reviews cover a wide range of issues relating to good nutrition for children and adults and the collection were added to in June 2019 by a reviews dedicated to issues faced by young children living in urban slums in low- and middle-income countries. We asked the lead author, Sophie Goudet from the Centre for Global Health and Human...
    10 octubre 2019
  • July to September 2019, was a busy quarter for Cochrane! Here we provide some highlights of the third quarter of the year.
    Cochrane is for anyone interested in using high-quality information to make health decisions. Whether you are a doctor or nurse, patient or carer, researcher or funder, Cochrane evidence provides a powerful tool to enhance your healthcare knowledge and decision making. Our mission is to promote evidence-informed health decision-making by producing...
    9 octubre 2019
  • Can people stop smoking by cutting down the amount they smoke first?
    This Cochrane Review looks at whether cutting down before quitting helps people to stop smoking, and the best ways that people can cut down to help them stop completely, the study included 51 studies of over 22,000 people who smoked tobacco.Nicola Lindson, lead author of this Cochrane review explains, “The standard way people are told to quit...
    3 octubre 2019
  • Publication of Cochrane Review: ‘Exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome’
    Today, Cochrane publishes an amended version of the Review, 'Exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome.’ In the last nine months, this Cochrane Review has been modified by the review’s authors and evaluated by independent peer reviewers and editors. It now places more emphasis on the limited applicability of the evidence to definitions of...
    2 octubre 2019
  • Launch of Biblioteca Cochrane and Cochrane Madrid
    Cochrane is delighted to support the official launch of the Spanish Cochrane Library known as ‘Biblioteca Cochrane’ in Madrid.
    ‘Biblioteca Cochrane’ is the Spanish portal of the Cochrane Library, an online platform providing high-quality, independently produced evidence to inform healthcare decision-making and to end-users whose preferred...
    1 octubre 2019
  • Spotlighting the latest Cochrane evidence on quitting smoking.
    Stoptober began in 2012 as an event  to encouraging people to quit smoking for good. Since then it has become an annual 28-day mass quitting attempt, offering resources and support for anyone trying to become smoke-free. It's an excellent to put the spotlight on the latest Cochrane evidence on quitting smoking.In May 2019, the Cochrane Library...
    1 octubre 2019
  • World Menopause Month
    To raise awareness of health and menopause, the World Health Organisation and the International Menopause Society have designated October as World Menopause Month and 18 October 2019 as World Menopause Day. To celebrate World Menopause Month and Day, we at Cochrane have collated a selection of reviews investigating various treatments for...
    1 octubre 2019
  • Read the top five accessed Cochrane Breast Cancer's Reviews
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month happens every October and is a month which organizations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about the disease. Cochrane Breast Cancer's objective is to provide the best source of accurate and up-to-date information, especially about the prevention, early detection, treatments, follow-up...
    1 octubre 2019
  • New Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
    Cochrane is delighted to announce the publication of the new edition of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions following  extensive revision. Designed for authors and editors of Cochrane Reviews, but equally useful for anyone conducting systematic reviews, it describes the methods and best practices in planning, conducting...
    30 septiembre 2019
  • #betterposter templates for Cochrane Colloquium attendees
    Cochrane’s Colloquium is our annual flagship event, which brings together Cochrane contributors and stakeholders from around the world to discuss Cochrane research, systematic review methods, important global health questions, and promoting evidence-informed health care. This year our 26th annual event will be hosted in Santiago, Chile on 22-25...
    30 septiembre 2019
  • Interventions for unexplained infertility
    Couples are classified as having unexplained infertility when they have tried to conceive for at least one year and no abnormality in semen analysis, ovulation, or tubal patency has been identified. Treatment options for unexplained infertility include expectant management, ovarian stimulation (OS), intrauterine insemination (IUI), OS-IUI, and in...
    27 septiembre 2019
  • Cochrane is delighted to share this Request for Proposal for a new project to develop and support the monitoring and evaluation work of Cochrane’s Knowle
    Cochrane is delighted to share this Request for Proposal for a new project to develop and support the monitoring and evaluation work of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation (KT) activities.Knowledge Translation in Cochrane is defined as “the process of supporting the use of health evidence from our high quality, trusted Cochrane Reviews by those who...
    27 septiembre 2019
  • How safe is it to add regular formoterol to inhaled corticosteroid for adults or children with asthma ?
    Asthma is a disease of the lungs, symptoms include wheezing, breathlessness, and chest tightness.Two main features of asthma are underlying inflammation and bronchoconstriction (tightening of the muscles around small tubes in the lungs). The inflammation can be treated with daily steroid inhalers. The bronchoconstriction can be treated with a...
    26 septiembre 2019


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