Cochrane's work on COVID-19 Related Reviews

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must answer the time-sensitive needs of health decision makers as fast as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that the scientific imperative of methodological rigor is satisfied. In response to this we have:

Created a fast tracked Editorial Service and documentation

Created methods guidance for Rapid Reviews

Cochrane's work on

COVID-19 related Reviews 

Prioritized questions while working closely with front-line healthcare workers & health agencies

Created a COVID Review Bank

to track work

Who are Cochrane COVID reviews for?

Like all Cochrane Reviews, Cochrane COVID Reviews seek to address the important questions of clinicians, policy makers, and the public with high-quality, timely evidence syntheses. The topics addressed in Cochrane COVID Reviews were identified from a prioritization process with frontline workers and health agencies to ensure we were addressing the most pressing questions.

How are Cochrane COVID Reviews Created?

Cochrane has engaged with WHO and other international stakeholders to collect and prioritize review questions, which has been prioritized and refined into the Cochrane COVID Review. The Review Bank lists all Cochrane COVID Reviews that are in development or published, whether they were conducted as a standard or Rapid Review. The Review Bank also highlights key areas Cochrane is looking to pursue to help researchers focus their efforts.

The COVID-19 situation is moving at an extraordinary pace and the need for evidence is evolving. Cochrane COVID Reviews help to address this need by delivering evidence syntheses quickly by identifying the most important questions and providing support to ensure they are conducted to a high standard. Experienced Cochrane author teams from around the world have volunteered to donate their time and we are helping by coordinating with author teams, and providing literature searches, logistical and methodological support.

Our streamlined templates help author teams to conduct reviews quickly and efficiently while maintaining high methodological standards. We also offer support via a fast-track editorial service, which aims to assess quality within one week of reviews being submitted, and to complete the editorial process within two weeks. Cochrane will also support the update of these rapid reviews if and when more relevant evidence becomes available.

How can I help?

Novice and experienced researchers and translators can offer their help with tasks on Cochrane TaskExchange.

If you have a team in place and are interested in conducting a Cochrane COVID Review to propose a review within one of the priority areas listed as ‘Not yet addressed’ on the Review Bank, please read the information about Authoring a COVID Review which details the submission and assessment process.