Hyperbaric oxygen for term newborns with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

The objective of this review is to determine the effects of therapeutic HBO (with or without hypothermia) on death and long-term neurodevelopmental disabilities in term newborn infants with HIE. Furthermore, the short-term medical effects and side effects of HBO will be studied.

Primary comparisons:

  1. HBO versus supportive care;
  2. HBO versus hypothermia therapy;
  3. HBO plus hypothermia versus hypothermia alone;
  4. HBO plus erythropoietin versus erythropoietin alone.

Subgroup analyses were planned on the basis of:

  1. severity of HIE (mild, moderate, severe) (Sarnat 1976; Finer 1981);
  2. the therapeutic time window, by timing of commencement of the intervention (< 6 hours versus 6 hours to 7 days versus > 7 days);
  3. the peak pressure of HBO (< 2 ATA versus > 2ATA);
  4. the number of courses of HBO (single course versus multiple courses).

This is a protocol.

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