Fluid restriction for symptomatic patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants

To evaluate the effects of conservative medical management (fluid restriction with or without diuretics) on ductal closure or reduction of the size of the PDA in preterm infants with symptomatic PDA.

Subgroup analysis will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of conservative medical management of symptomatic PDA based on the following criteria:

  • gestational age (< 28 weeks, 28 - 32 weeks, > 33 - 37 weeks)
  • birth weight (<1000 g, 1000 - 1500 g, 1501 - 2500 g)
  • method used to diagnose a PDA (clinical criteria or wo-dimension Echocardiographic and doppler criteria or both)
  • degree of fluid restriction (aim for weight loss or aim for static weight)
  • duration of fluid restriction (short-term < 5 days, long-term > 5 days)
  • type of intervention (fluid restriction only, fluid restriction with diuretics)

Gestational age subgroup analysis will be done preferentially unless only birthweight information is available.

This is a protocol.