Open Access

Geographical reach and access to the Cochrane Library

Geographical reach and access to the Cochrane Library
(Key: Purple: Free | Orange: National licence | Blue: Subscription)

As part of Cochrane's commitment to putting the needs of our users at the heart of our content design and delivery, we are working towards the goal of achieving universal open access to new and updated Cochrane Reviews by the end of our current strategic plan in 2020. Our plan for reaching this goal includes a process for providing open access immediately upon publication for both new and updated reviews, and later for our substantial archive of published reviews.

From February 2013, all new Cochrane Reviews became free to access for all readers 12 months after publication; we are also working with Wiley, publisher of the Cochrane Library, to provide a selection of other options for making reviews open access immediately. For more information on our plans for and progress on Open Access, please see Cochrane's Strategy to 2020 or the Cochrane Library's Open Access information pages.

In 2016, 2.2 billion people in 133 countries had one-click access through the Cochrane Library. Access was available through a national provision (215,144,561 people), or free provision given to those countries who are eligible for the WHO’s Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) (1,974,305,549 people).