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Kenneth Warren Prize 2009: Nandi Siegfried and colleagues for their review, ‘Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men’. Nandi was unable to attend the Singapore Colloquium. Marilla Lucero, chair of in this year’s selection panel, will present Nandi with her...
"The Cochrane Colloquium can be duly regarded as a 'pilgrimage’ in the way of evidence-based health care and The Cochrane Collaboration is as much an international social club as it is an academic society.” - Newcomer staff memberOpening Plenary
International organisations other than The Cochrane Collaboration that work to support evidence-based health care worldwide are now making leaps forward in involving patients and the public in both their processes and input into their products. Two of these organisations are Guidelines...
In 2007, a working group of Managing Editors (MEs) successfully applied for a Cochrane Opportunities Fund grant to develop standardised induction documents and a face-to-face mentoring programme for new MEs. It had previously been identified that the lack of such a system, together with the...
The Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PACTR) was initiated in early 2007 as the AIDS, TB and Malaria (ATM) Clinical Trials Registry. The project is funded by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership and is being managed in partnership with the Cochrane Infectious...

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