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The Austrian Cochrane Branch was officially opened on 14 December 2010.  Dr Kylie Thaler, MPHDepartment for Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Danube University, Krems
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Chris Silagy PrizeChris Mavergames was the recipient of the 2010 Chris Silagy Prize, which was awarded to him by Kate Cahill at the Keystone Colloquium.
The Journal section for the Cochrane Nursing Care Field contains up-to-date news, transcripts of podcasts, and free papers, including overviews of reviews, theoretical papers, a regular series on understanding statistics related to systematic reviews. It invites papers on research projects,...
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The first Cochrane Editors' training workshop was held in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2010.  The workshop included participants from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, The Gambia, Cameroon and South Africa.
We are delighted to announce the Monitoring and Registration Committee’s approval of the Korean Branch of the Australasian Cochrane Centre. Congratulations to Hyeong Sik Ahn, the Branch Director, who has led this initiative and who will be familiar to many of you from our meetings in Singapore and...

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