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  • In a recent story, US-based Fox News discusses the publication of a number of major studies, including a Cochrane Review, assessing aspects of smoking addiction and behaviour, and how the results might be integrated for effective public health intervention. The story looks at the results of two surveys published in December 2014, both aimed at...
    30 Januari 2015
  • Since 2002, governments around the world have spent billions of dollars stockpiling neuraminidase inhibitors (NIs) such as Tamiflu® (oseltamivir) and Relenza® (zanamivir) in anticipation of an influenza pandemic. This trend increased dramatically following the outbreak of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) in April 2009. It was initially believed that NIs...
    9 May 2014
  • The website for the 23rd Cochrane Colloquium, taking place in Vienna from 3-7 October 2015, is now live. Get the latest information on key dates, registration, and activities in the historic host city.Get all the latest updates here:


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