How to use this site

The following orientation may be helpful in navigating this site for the first time. The site is designed with four different sorts of pages - a main search/browse page that appears when you first open the site, results pages that display the results of your current search or browse and Cochrane review summary pages that display the plain language summary and abstract for an individual review. The site will also enable you to switch between different languages, although this feature is not yet complete.

Main Search/Browse Pages

The main search page is meant to be a clean Google-like interface with a prominent search box. When you type a word in the search box, other relevant terms will appear below the search box. Try misspelling a word, just for fun. Clicking the browse link below the search box brings up a series of “Categories” on the left hand side of the page. These are identical to the browse categories on If you click browse, you will open a results page with a list of the reviews most in demand.

Results Pages

The results pages will provide a list of all the reviews that match your search. Clicking through the browse options on this page will enable you to narrow down the choices. If you click "Enable advance filters" you will see an additional set of categories that include all of the Cochrane Review Group names. At any point in a search or browse, the tabs under the search box can be used to display only new or updated reviews, reviews with a podcast, or reviews for which the Primary Health Care Field has produced one of their PEARLS (Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations).

Cochrane Review Summary Pages

Each Cochrane summary page displays the full plain language summary and provides links to the abstract, the full review on, to other reviews by the same review group and to podcasts, journal clubs, PEARLS, and news items where these are available. Click here for a summary page containing most of these elements. The bottom of the summary page has an automatically generated list of reviews on similar topics with links to their summary pages.