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Cochrane podcasts deliver the latest Cochrane evidence in an easy to access audio format, allowing you to stay up to date on newly published reviews wherever you are.

Each Cochrane podcast offers a short summary of a recent Cochrane review from the authors themselves. They have been recorded in more than 30 languages and are brief, allowing everyone from healthcare professionals to patients and families to hear the latest Cochrane evidence in under five minutes. Browse the podcasts or use the search box to look for something specific.

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Podcast title Published on
Community wide interventions for increasing physical activity 1 Jan 2015
Interventions aimed at communities to inform and/or educate about early childhood vaccination 1 Jan 2015
Interventions for melanoma in situ, including lentigo maligna 1 Jan 2015
Over-the-counter (OTC) medications for acute cough in children and adults in community settings 1 Jan 2015
Interventions for improving upper limb function after stroke 1 Nov 2014
Aquatic exercise training for fibromyalgia 1 Oct 2014
Bias due to selective inclusion and reporting of outcomes and analyses in systematic reviews of randomised trials of healthcare interventions 1 Oct 2014
Interventions for improving the adoption of shared decision making by healthcare professionals 1 Sep 2014
Pharmacological interventions for sleepiness and sleep disturbances caused by shift work 1 Aug 2014
Thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke 1 Jul 2014
Trastuzumab containing regimens for metastatic breast cancer 1 Jun 2014
CRASH-2 1 May 2014
Dietary Trials 1 May 2014
Intravenous magnesium sulfate for treating adults with acute asthma in the emergency department 1 May 2014
ISAT 1 May 2014
Midwifery trials 1 May 2014
SWATs 1 May 2014
Topical anti-inflammatory agents for seborrhoeic dermatitis of the face or scalp 1 May 2014
Healthcare outcomes assessed with observational study designs compared with those assessed in randomised trials 1 Apr 2014
Immune tolerance induction for treating inhibitors in people with congenital haemophilia A or B 1 Apr 2014
Interventions to improve safe and effective medicines use by consumers: an overview of systematic reviews 1 Apr 2014
Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for chronic pain 1 Apr 2014
Physical rehabilitation approaches for the recovery of function and mobility following stroke 1 Apr 2014
Hip protectors for preventing hip fractures in older people 1 Mar 2014
Aromatase inhibitors for subfertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome 1 Feb 2014
Echinacea for preventing and treating the common cold 1 Feb 2014
Workplace interventions for smoking cessation 1 Feb 2014
Psychological and educational interventions for atopic eczema in children 1 Jan 2014
Varicella 13 Dec 2013
Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis 13 Dec 2013
Child maltreatment 13 Dec 2013
Malaria 13 Dec 2013
Intimate partner violence 13 Dec 2013
Exercise programs for people with dementia 1 Dec 2013
Interventions for the symptoms and signs resulting from jellyfish stings 1 Dec 2013
Rehabilitation following surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis 1 Dec 2013
Strategies to improve retention in randomised trials 1 Dec 2013
Treatment for lupus nephritis 1 Dec 2013
Triclosan/copolymer containing toothpastes for oral health 1 Dec 2013
Non-specialist health worker interventions for the care of mental, neuroogical and substance-abuse disorders in low- and middle-income countries 1 Nov 2013
Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of lay health worker programmes to improve access to maternal and child health: qualitative evidence synthesis 1 Oct 2013
Integrated disease management interventions for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 1 Oct 2013
Long-acting beta2-agonists for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 1 Oct 2013
Exercise for depression 1 Sep 2013
Holding chambers (spacers) versus nebulisers for beta-agonist treatment of acute asthma 1 Sep 2013
Antibiotic prophylaxis for short-term catheter bladder drainage in adults 1 Jul 2013
Fluoride varnishes for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents 1 Jul 2013
Decentralising HIV treatment in lower- and middle-income countries 1 Jun 2013
It’s time for AllTrials registered and reported 15 May 2013
Summary Paper for Evidence-Based Guidelines 7 May 2013