Relations with the World Health Organization

 The Cochrane Collaboration provides an international benchmark for the independent assessment and assimilation of scientific evidence." 

 Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General, Innovation Information Evidence and Research, World Health Organization, January 2011

In January 2011, Cochrane was accepted as a Non-Governmental Organization in Official Relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), the public health arm of the United Nations, establishing formalised communication between our two organisations.

This partnership includes a seat for us on the World Health Assembly, the WHO's decision-making body, allowing us to provide input on WHO health resolutions.

It provides the opportunity for us to significantly influence the way research evidence is created and used by the WHO by improving the collection of reliable health information on which it bases its policies.

It promotes intersectoral collaboration and high-quality research between our two organisations to produce the necessary evidence to ensure policies in all sectors contribute to improving health and health equity. 


about how Cochrane is working with WHO on issues like reproductive health, nutrition and the H1N1 pandemic

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The full press release announcing the establishment of Official Relations with the WHO is available here in 7 languages.


Cochrane's position statement on the proposed new web domain ".health" submitted with the support of the WHO (August 2012) [PDF]


the interventions submitted by Cochrane at the 2012 World Health Assembly, Geneva (May 2012) [PDF]


Cochrane's 2010-12 review of its Official Relations with WHO (July 2012) [PDF]. This report was approved by the WHO Executive Board at its 132nd session, convened in January 2013 and Official Relations were extended until 2015. At its session, the Executive Board commended "the continuing dedication of [Cochrane] in support of the work of WHO."
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